About Our Story

20160913_171118Celebrate with us as our heartfelt story comes to life in tangible form. I began writing this book in Dec. ’15 and placed it on my bookshelf today – less than ten months later – thanks to the experts at Mascot Books! I pray our story of struggling with multiple medical issues for a decade touches the heart of countless families going through similar times. Although our son was afflicted by failure to thrive, stomach distress, reflux, skin rashes & picking, food intolerances, severe toxic reactions, difficulty with focus, & anxiety – we were all collectively and individually effected as a family. Never give-up the search for answers to help your child! I hope you learn something from this book and find the right path for healing your child and family.


Need Answers?

image-how-do-i-help-my-childIf you are looking for answers to your child’s health and behavioral needs, allow me to introduce you to an innovative approach which puts your child at the center of his/her care. The goal of treatment is to discover underlying causes to provide healing versus medicating symptoms. Integrative medicine/functional medicine takes into consideration multiple variables which play a part in a child’s overall wellness. I boldly share my personal journey and years of experience researching alternative and safe treatment protocols in my first book, How Do I Help My Child? A Mother’s Mission. I hope it helps your child!