Feeling Like a Failure at Parenting?

Free stock photo of woman, eye, see, close-upAs a counselor, I often hear wonderful parents describe their parenting “failures” when their children do not “behave.” Often times, the parent feels like a failure due to multiple factors. The looks of disgust from other parents, friends, and loved ones along with their own embarrassment, and confusion about why their lovely child is out-of-control are a few factors which led to this feeling. I feel the same way almost daily.

I am not a failure as a parent and neither are most other parents feeling the same way. Our kids struggle with behavioral issues for numerous reasons, not always because of our parenting. Read my book to learn about possible causes of your child’s undesired behavior.

You are not a “bad parent” and your child is not a “bad kid.” There is hope! Love and support the parents and kids hurting in the world. Don’t judge or dismiss us 💜.


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