Food $ale = $chronic illness

restaurant-boardWhy are we desensitized to images of GMO foods, chemical additives, and unhealthy food choices which make us chronically ill? As I searched images for this blog post, I typed-in key words “toxic food, GMO, and unhealthy food.” To my dismay, I found countless images of enticing and mouth watering foods – which are part of my diet. Images of crops being sprayed with chemicals did not alarm me. Images of wheat stalks – which no longer look like “amber waves of grain” or the wheat of biblical times are normal to me. Images of food-additives, preservatives, and words I cannot pronounce all seemed very normal, not alarming. My reaction to the “shock & awe” images was hunger. How has this happened?

Normalization is one of those psychological terms we counselors love to use. We help normalize clients’ feelings and needs during chaotic or stressful times. Toxic food “normalcy” has been misused to trick us into believing what we innately know as right is wrong. Generations have blindly or helplessly followed the abnormal trends in food modification, production, and preparation to live more fast-paced lives of convenience.

Kids today have rarely (if ever) experienced the joys of growing non-GMO foods with minimal pesticides. Many kids seldom eat “real food” as they opt for fast food or prepackaged food to fit their busy lives. Crop-dusters are sights of excitement, not dread. The food guide pyramid is the holy grail of nutritional information.

Chronic illness, childhood illness, allergies, asthma, autism, AD/HD, anxiety, and major medical diseases are on the increase. What would happen if food was allowed to naturally aid in healing our bodies?  Supplements, vitamins, and holistic treatments are seen as “abnormal” to traditional/modern medicine. Whole food from healthy ground is seen as “extreme.” Where did it all go wrong?

The simple answer is $$$. According to (1 Timothy 6:10, KJV): “For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” Evil has many disguises. Money is powerful. Think about how much money is associated with food today. The average weekly cost of food in the American household is $150.00 per week. You can do the math! You can make informed decisions once you investigate the root cause of the lies we are told. You have the power to buy and demand healthy foods $$.


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