Food, Lies, & Love

food-lies-we-loveAre you ready to change your thoughts about food? I find myself struggling with the knowledge I have sought about food versus the knowledge I learned from teachers, the FDA, the Food Guide Pyramid, and the media. I learned to blindly trust “experts” and textbooks. I was a food & nutrition teacher and I perpetrated lies about food as truth. It must be a “Southern thing.”  Radicals, they are all radicals! It’s amazing how we use defense mechanisms (psycho-analytics) to avoid and deny alternative explanations and rational thoughts. “Your perception is your reality.” This statement was a common theme in my graduate program at AR Tech University (CLL). Whilst I understood the concept, I had difficulty applying it to my thoughts about food. Simply asking my students to eat less junk food brought about great resistance and anger. I understood that. Then when I had to face my own diet choices, I became angry! I was more angered by the lies I was sold than the changes I faced. Change is difficult. Fortunately, I don’t have any addictions to food. That made it easier for me to make radical changes with my diet. My son was addicted to gluten and casein. His food changes were not so easy. Having the knowledge that the food industry intentionally alters the quality of our foods and uses additives which make us chronically sick infuriates me! That anger gave me the drive to continue seeking answers and the power to make substantial changes in our diet. Most of all, my son suffered and I suffered-from the foods we ate.

You are not alone in your resistance, anger, and reluctance to make substantial changes in your diet. Even with the knowledge of “healthier living,” we still face the internal struggle of our prior knowledge, routines, family gatherings, celebrations, and messages about food. We love our junk food and party foods! It seems impossible to change your automatic thoughts about food. Your family didn’t prepare foods to harm you. Or, did they not know they were harming you? Learn more about why we are addicted to certain foods and how our food industry has changed. Learn how to stop chronic illness and dietary intolerances in your kids & in your own life. We can change our health through proper food choices. We can teach our kids healthier ways to live. We must combat the false knowledge they are being taught. First, we have to stop loving the lies we have been told!


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