How toxic food creates “tox-sick kids”

tox-sick-kids-menuWe have all seen kid-friendly menus at restaurants and events where convenience food is considered a necessary evil for living a modern fast-paced lifestyle. We often do not consider the long term consequences of feeding our kids toxic foods or even know what the actual consequences might be. If you have been raised on fast food and pre-packaged grocery store items, then you most likely have continued to eat this way as an adult. Therefore, you teach your kids the same diet plan.

“I can’t get my child to eat healthy food.” Have you ever said this? Has your child grown up watching you eat healthy foods? Do you offer healthy choices along with addictive foods laden with sugar, preservatives, and chemicals which the brain craves? Which choices do you make with food – healthy or unhealthy? Your struggle to control the pleasure center of your brain is well known to the junk food market giants. You can blame them or your parents. You can blame modern society or the demands of life on your food dilemmas or you can try and make changes and seek up-to-date knowledge from pioneers in nutrition (not the FDA or food guide pyramid).

I find that most parents are willing to help their children at any cost. However, asking parents to make substantial food changes which will help heal their child’s microbiome (gut) is often met with great resistance and avoidance. I have been pondering the answer to why this occurs for several years. The more I research and listen to parents discuss food knowledge & diet, the more it becomes apparent that we have been sold lies about food for generations. I was sold the lies and taught the lies in nutrition classes to my students.

Suzanne Somers wrote a book titled Tox-Sick: from Tox Sick to Not Sick and that title makes sense to me. Our children are “tox-sick” from the foods we provide them and the chemicals in our environment, home, and ground. Read the ingredient labels on your child’s favorite foods, soaps, shampoos, lotions, laundry supplies, and household cleaning products. Do you know what the chemicals, additives, and preservatives can do to your child’s wellness or to your wellness? How would you? You would need a Ph.D. in chemistry, food science, and nutrition to understand the chemical make-up and potential health effects associated with everyday food and products we consume.

What I can tell you is that common childhood illnesses, behavioral issues, and mental health needs are often associated with a child’s environment, diet, and heredity. If we damage the DNA in one generation, will that lead to disorders in the next? Look at gluten related illnesses plaguing us all. This was due to changes in agriculture (wheat) in the 1960s which were meant to feed the masses and prevent starvation. What we change for the intention of doing good or for profits directly effects our health (GMO’s, now). How do we make substantial change to heal ourselves and our kids?

That answer is complex, but there is an answer. My heart is telling me (yelling at me) to write my second book on this topic. Parents and practitioners need answers to help our kids live healthy lives, to end diseases, and to stop medicating symptoms of illness. We need to find the cause, the culprits, and the people (companies) responsible for making us and our kids”Tox-Sick.” I have looked for books on childhood nutrition and ways to help children with AD/HD, anxiety, behavioral problems, and other common issues facing families today. I found few if any books or resources on these topics. The ones I found all followed the food guide pyramid and regurgitated lies which have been debunked by experts.Therefore, we will continue to use modern-based medicine to diagnose symptoms and provide more toxic medications, making our kids more “tox-sick.”

Research shows that less than one percent of parents are willing to try diet related changes to heal their kids. I don’t know if I agree with that statistic. I healed my son’s gut with diet, environmental changes, and integrative medicine! I explain how in my current book, How Do I Help My Child? A mother’s mission.

So, I sit here pondering the title of a book aimed to help us raise healthy kids. How Do I Help My Child Thrive? or How Do I Help My Child Heal?  Subtitle: An integrative approach to raising non-tox-sick kids. Tell me what you think. Would you buy it? Do you want to know more about this topic? You can leave a comment here, on Facebook: @howdoihelpmychild, or on Twitter: @staciduvall.