Expert bias: one diet plan doesn’t fit all

trainingI attended an in-service today presented by a National expert in nutritional therapy. My quest for new health-related knowledge dragged me out of bed an hour early, allowed me to sit through eight hours of listening to the speaker read an 800 slideshow narrative, and allowed me to ignore the dread of driving two and a half hours. Needless to say, I really wanted to learn about this topic, and my mind was completely open. It became apparent within the first ten minutes that I was going to be deeply disappointed. While the expert was brilliant and knowledgeable about nutritional interventions, her bias was apparent. Continue reading


The Band-Aid Kid

the-band-aid-kidWhile at Wal-Mart purchasing yet another package of  Band-Aids for my son, Austin, I wondered, Why am I always buying these? I was raising two boys actively involved with being outdoors, swimming, fishing, hunting, riding bikes, and sports. Both of my boys bled and used Band-Aids for their multiple scrapes and injuries. Their injuries were a “normal” part of living active lives which allowed them to learn natural limits – pain is a good teacher.

Austin went through a box of Band-Aids like a box of chocolates. He picked out his favorite size, texture, and print (usually his favorite superhero or cartoon character). Continue reading

Generational Food Trends: How we went from farm fresh to fast food and back again

generational-foodieFood choices – they define our generations – what can Traditionalists teach the Centennials/NeXters? Living in the present is the new “catch phrase.” It means to be mindful of your current surroundings, choices, emotions, and behaviors. It does not mean to close yourself off from the past. “Those who do not learn from history (the past) are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana

Normally this quote would be used to chastise a generation for going astray from past traditions or conventional wisdom. On the topic of food choices, we need to repeat the past! Continue reading

How food affects the body, brain, and behavior – microbiome

how-food-effects-usDoes food really affect our health, and behavior? I hear this question often and I have to remind myself that personal knowledge related to the toxic effects and healing effects of food choices is unique to each of us. Most people are willing to believe that food directly affects overall health. There are tons of research articles, diet plans, books, and specialists explaining how bad food habits can be dangerous to our bodies and life expectancy. Emerging research explains how certain types of foods affect our mood and behaviors. While we may disagree with which health food plan is best for an individual’s needs, we cannot continue to ignore psychological and physiological diseases plaguing us, our kids, and our nation.  Continue reading

Why Diet Change is Challenging

“We change our behavior when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Consequences give us the pain that motivates us to change.” -Dr. Henry Cloud, Christian self-help author


Why is it so challenging to change your diet? It seems simple enough. Change your food choices. Healthy diet plans are everywhere. Research laden diet plans make sense. Most of us need to make changes in our diet, so why are we so resistant to changing our food habits?

Change is more difficult than most people recognize. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) explains the stages of change as an upward spiral in which we learn from each stage as we relapse or fall back into old habits. We must identify where each person falls on the Continue reading