Refocus your thoughts about food

What do you eatWhether I am grocery shopping, eating at a restaurant, attending an event, or stopping at the gas station for a quick snack, I am bombarded with unhealthy toxic food choices. Finding a healthy gluten/casein/toxic free (GF/CF/TF) food choice is like playing a game of Where’s Waldo with an illustrator who uses my senses, brain, and innate desires against me. What to choose? What not to choose? Cravings, smells, subliminal and sublime messages on prepackaged junk food all work against my intellect and rationale until I either leave or breath deeply and search for the things I can eat.

So, if I feel this way after ten years of living GF/CF/TF, I can only imagine what other folks think when I let them in on my secret love-hate relationship with food choices (especially living in the South). I write extensively about the challenges of living in a world where food is used as a weapon to harm our body, mind, and soul while giant corporations make millions (or billions) from their chemically concocted denatured addictive products they call “food.” Add in lies (oh, I should say well researched non-biased information) from billionaire drug and medical companies who benefit from a population with chronic illnesses and psychological distress and it’s no wonder why we are all confused about what to eat or not eat. It’s not just me struggling with food choices in other words. There are more “healthy” diet plans in today’s society than you can count, much less name. One thing all these diet plan experts agree upon (except the dairy and wheat conglomerates and their allies) is that the American diet is horrific!

I have learned to refocus my anger and energy spent fighting the battle against corrupt food practices into simply making the best food choices for me and my family. I cannot fight these companies or make a reader follow suggestions and research based best practices when it comes to food choices. Instead, I want to share my favorite foods. I know every nutrition expert will argue something against each of my choices and some folks will be allergic, intolerant, or avoidant to some of my food choices. No worries or judgement, these are my choices. There is no one-size-fits-all diet plan as we each have unique needs, beliefs, and food preferences.

Here are the foods I chose:

  1. Fresh foods – those you find on the outside aisles of the grocery store (fruits, veggies, lean meats, and flash-frozen if fresh is not an option.)
  2. Quality oils – extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil (saturated fat), and Earth Balance margarine spread (used sparingly).
  3. Rice & Quinoa – (quality brands) including pastas and Asian noodles.
  4. Artisan GF flours – Pamela’s brand is my favorite for desserts and muffins (I also limit sugar).
  5. Restaurants – yes, I eat out often. I love the memories, relationship building, and break from cooking or work. I make informed decision and order off-menu items (separate choices the restaurant offers – like side dishes – in combinations that work for me). This has taken me years to perfect.

Snacks are important and they are very challenging. I eat plain potato chips (kettle cooked with oils of my choosing when I can find them) and snack bars from Enjoy Life or Pamela’s. Nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate are some more of my favorite snacks.

When we nourish our bodies with a variety of nutrition dense foods, our health improves. I don’t know anyone willing to argue against this common sense. Refocus your food choices and break the habits you have been tricked into or have become addicted to and you will see a difference in your body, mind, and spirit.  What is your answer to the question, “What in the world do you eat?” I told you mine. Be well!



One thought on “Refocus your thoughts about food

  1. Teresa Qualls says:

    I have been eating root / plant based foods for the past 3 weeks. I feel better,more energy and have lost 8 pounds.


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