Austin’s Story:

Staci’s son, Austin, suffered with multiple medical and behavioral maladies throughout most of his childhood. She was tired of doctors’ speculations and medications with abysmal side effects. Staci’s faith and her perseverance to find a solution for Austin’s health needs led her to an alternative treatment model known as “integrative medicine.” How Do I Help My Child? is a question being asked by countless parents. Emerging health crises in children—ADHD, autism, anxiety, allergies, and digestive illnesses—prevent families from thriving. Integrative medicine placed Austin at the center of care and uncovered the nature of his illness, resulting in healing and overall wellness. Staci invites you along on her mission to recover the health of our children in a world filled with unhealthy foods and environmental toxins. Included is a guide to integrative medicine rooted in her years of experience and nutritional savvy, as well as resources that make helping your child a little simpler.

The Author:

Staci’s professional life has allowed her to work with all age groups as a licensed teacher, professional school counselor, and licensed professional counselor (LPC). Staci earned a Bachelor of Art and Master of Education in School Leadership and Counseling at Arkansas Tech University. She also attended the University of Central Arkansas and John Brown University. She served on the Arkansas Mental Health Counselors Association Board for three years and has served the State of Arkansas for eighteen years. In private practice, Staci helped clients find alternative treatments and mental wellness. Staci currently serves as the Director of Counseling and Disability Services for the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton.