Refocus your thoughts about food

What do you eatWhether I am grocery shopping, eating at a restaurant, attending an event, or stopping at the gas station for a quick snack, I am bombarded with unhealthy toxic food choices. Finding a healthy gluten/casein/toxic free (GF/CF/TF) food choice is like playing a game of Where’s Waldo with an illustrator who uses my senses, brain, and innate desires against me. What to choose? What not to choose? Cravings, smells, subliminal and sublime messages on prepackaged junk food all work against my intellect and rationale until I either leave or breath deeply and search for the things I can eat. Continue reading


The Band-Aid Kid

the-band-aid-kidWhile at Wal-Mart purchasing yet another package of  Band-Aids for my son, Austin, I wondered, Why am I always buying these? I was raising two boys actively involved with being outdoors, swimming, fishing, hunting, riding bikes, and sports. Both of my boys bled and used Band-Aids for their multiple scrapes and injuries. Their injuries were a “normal” part of living active lives which allowed them to learn natural limits – pain is a good teacher.

Austin went through a box of Band-Aids like a box of chocolates. He picked out his favorite size, texture, and print (usually his favorite superhero or cartoon character). Continue reading