Staci Duvall writes from a heart that was filled with despair but that also held a warrior’s spirit and would continue the quest for answers to her son’s health crisis.

In a world that was telling her there was nothing else she could do, she chose to continue to question the experts and go beyond to find help for her son. Hers is a story of courage, because she had to go beyond her fears. She had to go beyond the fear of the unknown, but also beyond the fear of challenging the opinions of the experts.

…It takes courage to listen to someone who is not a scientific expert. It takes courage to consider that the experts may not have all the answers, or some of the right answers. But I have found that many of the “answers” are in the stories of thousands of families who are living the reality of autism and other childhood illnesses. When these stories are combined with research data on current challenges to our children’s health, powerful strategies for restoring health are created.

Betsy Hendricks, M.D.

Arkansas Center for the Study of Integrative Medicine

Author of Zero Point: Where Worlds Collide and Autism is Born.