By: Demp Dempsey (Dempsey’s Bakery – Little Rock, AR)

Staci did an excellent job explaining her journey, the good and the bad. Even if your child doesn’t have all these issues but has been diagnosed with food sensitivities, you will enjoy reading this and realize that you are not on that journey by yourself. I own an allergy friendly,gluten, soy and nut free bakery and help moms or adults to navigate specific foods. They feel so discouraged and alone until they see there are so many people along the same journey. I think it would help anyone getting started. It is easy to read and very helpful. Thanks Staci for your insights.

By: Stephanie Price, Editor of How Do I Help My Child?

All I can say about this book is, “WOW.” The author delves into a world that many parents face but goes one step further by providing answers that so many search for. I was inspired by her struggles and through her faith; however, I was also prompted to look at my unhealthy lifestyle and re-evaluated the foods I was putting into my body. This books has helped me emotionally, spiritually, & physically.